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  • eXtremeRate Soft Touch Gradien

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    eXtremeRate – Play Different

    Personalize your game handheld console with eXtremeRate replacement shell and buttons.

    replacement shell for nintendo switch oledreplacement shell for nintendo switch oled

    Various styles of replacement shells, buttons, customize your controller to make it unique!

    DTF LED Kit for Nintendo Switch OledDTF LED Kit for Nintendo Switch Oled

    DTF LED Kit, make your new controller stand out from the crowd!

    Shell Shell for Swicth & OLED

    Shell for Swicth OLED 2021

    Accessories for Swicth & OLED

    Accessories for Swicth & OLED

    Shell for Swicth 2017

    Other Accessories

    How To Clean The Plastic ProductHow To Clean The Plastic Product

    Unique replacement case to add much more personality to your Switch, no more boring standard gray color
    The installation process requires customer with moderate electronic installation experience. Kindly note that the installation of this shell will void the warranty of your Switch. Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching «ExtremeRate Switch Joycon New Horizon Style» or «o8QPB2uTbHk». Watch the video in half speed. We recommend watch, pause, do, and repeat
    The matte gradient pink violet color looks great; Great smooth grip, soft in hand and feels silky; Anti slip, sweat free for a long period game playing
    Package includes replacement Joy-con case for Nintendo Switch (no electronics part included), colorful buttons, PH00, Y00 screwdrivers set and spare screws

  • Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

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    Introducing the newest member of the Nintendo Switch family

    Play at home on the TV or on-the-go with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen with the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system. In addition to a new screen with vivid colors and sharp contrast, the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model includes a wide adjustable stand for more comfortable viewing angles, a dock with a wired LAN port for TV mode (LAN cable sold separately), 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio in Handheld and Tabletop modes using the system’s speakers.

    *There may be software where the game experience may differ due to the new capabilities of the system, such as the larger screen size.
    Wired LAN port – Use the dock’s LAN port when playing in TV mode for a wired internet connection
    64 GB internal storage – Save games to your system with 64 GB of internal storage
    Enhanced audio – Enjoy enhanced sound from the system’s onboard speakers when playing in Handheld and Tabletop modes.
    Wide adjustable stand – Freely angle the system’s wide, adjustable stand for comfortable viewing in Tabletop mode. Nintendo Switch – OLED Model supports all Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch software

  • Nintendo Switch™ with Neon B

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    6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
    4.5-9 plus Hours of Battery Life Will vary depending on software usage conditions
    Connects over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming; Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer
    Model number: HAC-001(-01)