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  • TGBOX Electronic Compressed Ai

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    TGBOX Compressed Air Duster


    TGBOX is a brand focused on car tools founded in 2005 and started in Chicago. The founders are Tafari and Gina, a pair of MIT graduates.

    As soon as they got married, they decided to travel in RV for their honeymoon not long. But RV life is not easy, because they have to face many problems.

    At the end of two years of car life, they decided to set up a company, named TGBOX, to provide RV accessories products and help those car life enthusiasts.

    Made by TGBOX

    ALTERNATIVE TO COMPRESSED AIR:Upgraded compressed air, can replace canned air, rechargeable and usable, cordless air dust collector is a one-time investment, saving you money.
    RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC DUST COLLECTOR:We are equipped with Type-c fast charging port, charging takes only 3h, can be used continuously for 15-30 minutes.Tips:1.Red light blinking means it is charging 2.C to C charging cable, does not work.3.It takes 10 minutes to recharge after use.
    EASY OPERATION WITH UNIQUE DESIGN:Air duster has 3 air speeds – long press for 3 seconds to turn on the device. Short press the switch to switch the air speed.But the electric air duster cannot work while charging.
    ELECTRONIC AIR DUSTER WITH VARIOUS NOZZLES:Cordless air dusters including various nozzles are light weight and small in size. Different cleaning places, change the right accessories, cleaning is easier!

  • The bullbird Commuter Travel P

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    [New Tri-Blend Memory Foam] The all-new Commuter Travel Pillow has been completely reimagined with a tri-blend memory foam for enhanced comfort. Designed with a high-performance cooling material and a re-engineered frame provide a seamless fit and superior posture support.
    [Perfect Balance of comfort] Breathable and ventilated air flow frame, made out of tri-blend memory foam. Provides adequate comfort and support for the head and neck while keeping your spine aligned. Ultra-compact design with luxury support and comfort.
    [Ergonomic Compact Design] The Bullbird Travel Pillow only weighs 6.2oz. Designed for comfort and easy portability. This Travel Neck Pillow comes with a microfiber carrying bag and a clip-on carabiner to simply attach to your carry on luggage without taking up any extra space.
    [The Best Choice For Travel] The chiropractor-approved Commuter Travel Pillow keeps your spine perfectly aligned and your head comfortably supported to offer you better sleep quality, alleviate headaches, and allow you to travel pain-free. Experience just how comfortable traveling can be with the breakthrough travel pillow developed by medical engineers.