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    ADJUSTABLE CIRCULAR PILLOW: You can twist and shape this mini microbead pillow to meet your needs. Fold it over a chair back, or use it as a seat cushion, a neck rest, a car pillow, a comfy sleeping pillow when recovering from an ear piercing, or extra head support while resting in bed.
    COMFORTABLE & FIRM NECK PILLOW: This pillow is flexible but firm for optimum support. Your head and neck won’t droop while you sleep, and your lumbar will stay supported. It’s covered in soft microfiber fleece that won’t rub or cause irritation, even while sleeping on long flights or road trips
    AIRPLANE TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: This compact travel pillow is your new must-have to use while flying on a plane, riding in the car, watching TV, playing games, or working at your office desk. The lightweight, compact design can even fit through your carry-on-luggage handle when not in use.
    THE ORIGINAL TOTAL PILLOW: With the original design you remember, the Total Pillow is the ideal comfort companion to aid in your every adventure. The handmade design twists into different innovative shapes to allow for many uses and offers convenient support every time.