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  • SUPFOO Space Saver Vacuum Stor

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    Thicker Material: Compared with the vacuum storage bags on the market, we are 0.3G thicker each, so the material we use will be higher quality, more durable, and less damaged, while protecting your clothes, bedding, and more from dust, moisture, bacteria, mold, odors, etc.
    Premium Electric Air Pump: Our Vacuum Compression Bags come with an Electric Air Pump, plug in the socket and press the switch, it only takes a few seconds to evacuate the air quickly, and it is easy to use compared to a manual pump and saves effort and time
    More Robust Sealing Performance: The double-zipper design and triple-seal turbine valve ensure that the clothes can be sealed 100% in our storage bags for a long time, saving 80% space in the long term.
    High-Quality Service: If the SUPFOO vacuum storage bag leaks due to quality problems, it supports up to 1 year of free return and exchange service.