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    CREATIVE TWO HEIGHTEN HUMPS SUPPORTIVE, This is one of travel essentials, two humps heighten area provides more comfortable support when your head is backwards. When your head needs to be on the side, thurn the humps area to your face side( Right ot left side), the travel neck pillow provides your face more comfortable support
    TWO DIRECTION ADJUSTMENT BUCKLE, The travel pillow comes with the two-direction adjustment buckle, two direction flexible belts witch is eaily to adjust the neck pillow tightness for your more comforatable experience , And please press the release buckle only when you want to take take the neck pillow off
    SAVE 50% SPACE AFTER ROLLING UP PACKING, Unique roll up strage packing travel pillow, and fashion storage bag for the travel kit pillow, roll up the travel pillow and lock it in a smaller volume by the locking buckle, then put the neck pillow in the storage bag , you can take along easily. The size is about 0.7*0.7 inches after rolling up, it will not take up extra space much when you put it in your trave bag, hang up on the backpack, suitcase etc, Enjoy more comfortable anytime and anywhere
    TRAVEL PILLOW’s DETAIL TELLS IT’s QUANLITY * The airplane neck pillow’s memory foam core comes with the inner linning, it will prolong the travel pillow’s service time* The outer cover fabric of the travel essentials kits is cation polyester, which is supper soft skin touch feeling, easily washing and drying* Edge over lock sewing process making the outer cover more durable, stronger and not broken easily* Pls contact us if your travel pillow have any quality problem, replacement and return money is availble in the amazon’s service terms

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    From the brand

    cervical tractioncervical traction


    Start your new lifestyle with BLABOK.

    BLABOK is committed to more humanized and portable household medical products and outdoor travel products, and caring for more families with high-quality products.We also focus on to providing you with adequate support to help you relax and prevent pain to improve your quality of life.

    24 hours24 hours

    BLABOK insists on the mission of Providing Consumers with Comfortable and Healthy Products and Perfect Services.We adhere to the innovative business philosophy, continuously improve product quality, and meet the needs of more customer.

    If you are not satisfied with our products,we will provide high-quality after-sales service and help you solve problems within 24 hours

    Pain relief

    Foot rest

    Inflatable travel pillow

    How did we get our start?

    Nowadays, people are always struggling with choosing a better way to relieve their bodies while they are forced to cause cervical spine, back, shoulder pain, etc. BLABOK aims to provide adequate support to relieve body pain and reduce fatigue and stress.

    Why do we love what we do?

    We take pride in what we do because our products provide our customers with the utmost care and warmth. BLABOK’s vision is to be an excellent and reliable partner for every customer, making you more comfortable at home and travel.

    【Scientific Neck Protection】The sides of the airplane pillow have raised earlobes to support the head tilt from side to side, which is a support method that ordinary travel pillow cannot provide at all. You can also adjust inflatable travel pillow to your desired sleeping position for maximum comfort. If you are into side sleeping you can tilt your head towards the longer side of the neck travel pillow and lean on the window or seat. If you are like to sleep on your back, then your neck and head get double support.
    【Soft Support Material】The airplane neck pillow constructed with high quality velvet fabric, Luxurious and breathable, can make you feel more comfortable than ever. The neck support travel pillow’s adjustable elastic band design easily adapts to various body shapes, prevents the head from falling forward, relieves neck pain during travel.
    【Perfect Travel Partner】You need a neck pillow for travel that can leave the worry of insomnia behind and make your journey more perfect. This travel pillows for airplanes can provide you with a first-class travel rest experience! You can also give the inflatable neck pillow as a gift to your family or friends who will be traveling.
    【Portable Airplane Pillow】Our neck travel pillows for airplanes are light weight and easy to store in your suitcase or backpack. This inflatable travel neck pillow easy to inflate and carry, no more embarrassment in public.If you meet any problem or feel unsatisfied while using it, please feel free to consult us and we would provide a satisfactory solution for you in 24 hours.

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    Inflatable Travel Pillow for A

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    Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows –
    Anatomically & Ergonomically Designed Pillows For Cervical Spine Support To Help Alleviate Neck
    Pain & Headaches

    For the neck, a Travel neck pillow usually works better to minimize torsion strain. sleep on the edge of the pillow where the head can be at a 45 to 60 degree angle. This helps to minimize cervical spine strain.
    Chances are if you have bad neck posture resulting from Inflatable pillows without correct support, this can result in bothersome snoring, headaches, lack of restorative sleep, tingling and/or numbness of your hands and arms in addition to neck pain and stiff muscles.So, having some of these problems can indicate that a good, supportive pillow can help,which offer support for the normal neck curve can minimize neck pain as well as headaches, providing a greater quality of sleep.Proper sleep helps eliminate fatigue, restore strength and energy, and ensure well body function.
    Benefits Of Travel Pillows
    Keeping your head and neck supported while traveling, improving comfort and safety and getting a good nights sleep. Travel pillows can help to make your traveling experience less stressful and less painful.
    1.Why it has some smells?
    – After a long time of airtight packaging, when the packaging is just opened, there will be some smell. Generally, the product will be put in a ventilated place, and the smell will disappear after 3-5 minutes.

    2.How to use the product?
    The product can last for 2 days when it is full. When it is not in use, customers are advised not to store it in the inflated state, which will reduce the service life of the product.

    2.What is the size?
    – Color: black Un-inflated size: 5.8*4.7*2.3 inches Inflated size: 19.6*11.8*11.8 inches. Applicable occasions: office, plane, travel.
    Get Rid Of Pain & Bad Posture : Bad Posture can Cause Cervical Damage and Damage the Sciatic Nerve and the Coccyx. We Define Neck Pillows As Those not Just Wrapping Around Your Neck, But Those the Maintain the Proper Relationship Between the Head, Neck and Shoulders When Sleeping, Based On Sound Ergonomic Principles. This Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows can Help You To Stay Away from the Damage and Insomnia.
    Atmospheric Valves : The Inflatable Travel Pillow Uses the Unique Big Air Valve, Compared To the Ordinary Inflatable Air Pillow is Easier To Inflate and Deflate.(It is not Recommended To Fill the Air Too Full, Leave Some Space, the Airplane Neck Pillow Will Be More Soft.)
    Portable & Suitable : The Travel Pillow Soft and comfortable to touch, when you put your face on it, it gives you unimaginable comfort. And it have a Drawstring Bag, and After Folding the Airplane Pillow is Placed Inside the Bag. the Airplane Travel Pillow Net Weight is Only 0.78 Lbs. It is Very Portable. Whether It’s Family, Airplane, Car, Bus, Train, Office Nap, Camping, Etc., It’s a Great Help For You To Have a Good Night’s Sleep.
    Free gifts: Come with the free eye mask, earplugs, help you sleep faster and enjoy your sleep on the trip.

  • Orthopedic Neck Travel Pillow

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    SIZING: Many neck pillows are intended for comfort during travel but standard neck pillows are often too small for the average adult. The average height of the neck is around 10-13 centimeters but generic pillows are typically only 6-8cm high. The Skypillow comes in two different sizes, both with an adjustable strap and a height of 12 centimeters to ensure that you can receive the right relief for you.Large fits circumference: 14.5” – 16.5”.Small fits circumference: 12.5” – 14.5”
    ULTRA BREATHABLE FABRIC: The SkyPillow is constructed with a coolpass fabric that allows air to pass through the neck pillow. This breathable and lightweight fabric makes for a super comfortable pillow as the flow of air prevents the user from feeling overly constricted. During long periods of sitting or travel, it can be difficult to have something wrapped around your neck when the heat and sweat build. Keep your neck cool and comfy with the SkyPillow!
    CORRECT YOUR POSTURE: Neck Pain is most commonly attributed to poor posture which slowly builds up tension around the neck and shoulders. Treating the pain is one thing, but it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Correcting your posture is crucial to prevent the condition of the neck and shoulders from recurring or worsening.
    PATENTED DESIGN: Skypillow was designed with thorough consideration to provide the best experience possible. Not only does the Skypillow come in two different sizes, the adjustable clasp on the front allows it to be tightened to the specific width of your neck. Covering the pillow is a removable cover to make it incredibly easy to clean and replace.