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    FOXSEON Travel Pillow,Support

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    Travel pillow
    New FOXSEON original travel pillow

    3D butterfly neck support system– Made of high resilience material and metal 9-shaped buckle, scientifically proven to support and relax the neck and tibia muscles
    Double-layer pads –Use skin-friendly soft fabric, double-layer hand-stitched, not feel hard near the neck
    Pillowcase– Use skin-friendly soft fabric,hand-stitched for easy disassembly and machine washable
    Multipurpose scarf– Use skin-friendly soft fabric,hand-stitched, warm scarf can be used, sleep mask can be used

    How to wear
    1:Separate the Velcro and extend the travel pillow
    2 :Position travel pillow internal support wherever is more comfortable (it can go either side or anywhere under your chin)
    3:Tighter for more support ,Wrap up and enjoy your nap !

    The best choice for office nap—travel pillow supports the neck and stabilize the head during reading or office nap, can relax the neck muscles and effectively protect the cervical spine
    SPECIAL DESIGN – Combines Small Neck Pillow, Metal G Buckle and Multifunctional Scarf. Small neck pillowcases and scarves are sewn from soft, high-quality fabrics to support your neck and feel comfortable.If it feels too big and not enough support, you can put some padding in the pillowcase and it will feel good. Or contact us for a replacement medium pillow!
    GREAT GIFT — This is a new type of travel pillow with a premium gift bag for easy carrying. You can buy it for relatives, friends, colleagues, parents, it is a great gift.
    Improved G Buckle – New design features copper stamping for added toughness and strength. Make FOXSEON pillow beautiful and durable, removable and machine washable. Tip: The G-shaped buckle needs to be placed on the fleece and inserted into the bracket hole, otherwise it will easily fall off (see Figure 4).
    FOXSEON Pillows offers travel pillows in three support sizes to suit different body types. We’ve found that just one size travel pillow doesn’t provide effective support for people of all sizes. Choose the FOXSON PILLOW that fits your height , please check the size chart. The Perfect Neck Pillow – We’ve found that just one size travel pillow doesn’t provide effective support for all body types. We offer three sizes of neck pillows to fit people of different heights, please check the size chart.
    Please note: Most returns are due to initial installation errors! Please watch the video in the main picture carefully. In addition, there are wearing instructions on the packaging paper when you receive the product.This pillow comes in a large size, so if you’re not 5.8 feet tall, choose FOXSEON Medium Pillow..
    New product store: This product has patent and FOXSON trademark, the company will be committed to improving user experience and service, we are the only store.